Divorced diva denies affairs and becoming nun



File Photo: Faye Wong (Internet)





Divorced diva denies

affairs and becoming nun


By Cao Kai 


I asked for the divorce  

There is no third person

No conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law    

No financial problems

It’s not a pathetic farce    

It’s a peaceful separation

I will not become a nun



Faye Wong, a Chinese singer usually referred as a “pop diva”, who divorced her second husband on Friday of September 13, broke her silence on Wednesday afternoon of September 18, denying rumors of extramarital affairs and that she was planning on becoming nun.

“I asked for the divorce. There is no third person,” said Wong, 44, on her social media account.

“No conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. No financial problems,” she said.

“It’s not a pathetic farce. It is a peaceful separation,” she said.

“I will not become a nun,” she said, responding to mounting suspicion in the media that she would turn to Buddhism and become a nun.

Fans had reposted her Weibo announcement more than 100,000 times and written more than 50,000 comments as of 5 p.m. on Wednesday of September 18, barely two hours after she posted the message online.

Many are supportive of her action while some still do not understand.

Wong’s unexpected announcement of her divorce from Li Yapeng, 41, former actor turned businessman, set the Chinese Internet alight and triggered a heated guessing game on her motives.

Rumors of various versions of extramarital affairs or becoming nun spread on all kinds of media outlets.

Born in Beijing, Wong moved to Hong Kong in 1987,and has a huge following on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and even Japan.




Faye Wong’s  social media account with an announcement of her divorce from Li Yapeng,

41, former actor turned businessman, set the Chinese Internet alight and triggered a heated

guessing game on her motives.




 File Photo: Faye Wong and Li Yapeng (Internet) 







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Created by Singer-Songwriter Dou Wei



Faye Wong Live Show in Japan (1999) 

















Don’t Break My Heart
















Don’t Break My Heart










My Baby

Don’t Break My Heart






Don’t Break My Heart






Don’t Break My Heart






Don’t Break My Heart






Don’t Break My Heart……









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